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6 of Toronto's most-loved restaurants have teamed up to offer you 3 months of meal kits + virtual cooking classes. Order individual meal kits from all of your fave restaurants below.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the anticipated number of kits sold, we will be unable to accommodate specific dietary restrictions. That being said, all ingredients will be packaged separately so you are able to choose what you would like to include in your version of the meal.

You can expect the meal kits to feature fan-favourite dishes from each featured restaurant. This won’t be disclosed until the week of delivery to add an element of fun and surprise to the experience. Trust us - everything will taste amazing.

Each restaurant’s meal kit delivery has been scheduled on a predetermined say listed in the item description. Based on your postal code, you will receive your meal kit during a 3-hour window on the scheduled day. Each meal kit will be packaged in food-safe packaging which will ensure it stays at a safe temperature until you can put it into your fridge.

To get the best experience, we highly recommend you commit to at least 3 meals so that you’re able to experience a variety of dishes. To encourage this, we have priced our multi-meal memberships with a cost savings of ~$50 when you commit to 3 or 6 meals. That being said, we offer one-off meal kits for specific restaurants which will be delivered on pre-designated days.

Prior to the delivery of your you will receive a link to a Zoom Webinar scheduled for a designated time on the evening of the delivery. Our featured chef will cook the food live along with you, giving you all the insider tips and tricks to making your dish come to life. If you can’t make the Zoom webinar, fear not. We will be sure to send out a recorded link to all who ordered the meal kit.

Our delivery zone covers all postal codes starting with an "M" - this covers Toronto, North York, Scarborough, and Etobicoke.



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